Review: Last Wings – PS Vita (6.5/10)

Remember Worms anyone? Last Wings has that similar style but it’s not turn-based and has more chaos added due to a few issues but still the game is kind of neat.

You start with a basic plane and a few equipments to use and when you level up, better items and a few new planes become available. Vertice Games did a good job considering this is their first console game but controls are needed to get used to as planes are hard to steer and at first dying will be natural. But once you start playing you can’t stop as matches are back to back.

Last Wings features four different game modes: Score Attack (Destroy 20 enemy planes to win), Team Fight (Destroy 30 enemy planes to win as a team), T.F. Rounds (Destroy as a team 5 enemy planes with only one life) and Base Attack (Destroy the enemy base).

The game’s level system is pretty fair unlike the A.I.. The other planes will gang up on you quicker than people are waiting on a flash sale and more like crowd on black friday and that is when it gets hard to hit targets. You do have a speed that goes from faster to going down but if you want to trick opponents, it ain’t happening.

Luckily there is an arrow indicator which shows you where the opponents are using a color system and red means get ready now. You have missiles but no lock on feature which hurts but using the machine gun is just as fun. You also have a meter for weapons and also for your life but weapon energy drains too quick and recharges are too slow for this type of game.

Last Wings could be the perfect party game as all game modes are also playable online via a multiplayer mode. But when no other players are available, the game automatically fills the slots with randomly named CPU players which makes it feel like the local player mode.

In local player mode, the frame rate is quite stable, but especially in multiplayer mode, it stutters a lot. The game comes without music, there’s only some sounds for the planes, the guns and the explosions. The reviewed version 1.01 has crashed quite often but Vertice Games promised to release further updates to fix this.


Last Wings includes a decent amount of game modes like team attack and base attack which are endless and pretty much back to back matches. If you can handle the controls, you can have some fun with the game but it still could use a few tweaks.

The review was written and provided by Chris. All screenshots are taken from the PS Vita version.

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  • July 29, 2016 at 22:58

    I’d buy this game if it wasn’t a ripoff. It is very similar to another game from Nimbly Games.

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