Review: A.W.: Phoenix Festa – PS Vita (5.5/10)

A.W.: Phoenix Festa is another game based on an anime but is it worth your time and money? A.W.: Phoenix Festa is 3 types of games in one and includes dating simulation, time management and visual novel.

The story is pretty boring and non existent and doesn’t make you to continue the mode. Combat is the best element but it’s way too short to fully enjoy. The graphics look decent and are smooth and in my opinion the combat is similar to One Piece: Burning Blood but tweaked better.

The story begins with you choosing between two characters: one is from the show named Ayato Amagiri and the other one is an original character that does do things in the beginning very slightly.

The dating simulation aspect doesn’t really spread out and it seems very basic and lost my interest after awhile. The training menu is done a lot better with different things opening up like a shop as you do the story. You can do jobs that increase in difficulty as you beat them for money.

Lab gives you the option to upgrade your weapon and you can also rest to refill your life bar. Pharmacy lets you buy boost for battle and items to increase your future partner’s interest in you. Combat is the best part but as stated earlier it is too short and makes you want more.


A.W.: Phoenix Festa‘s boring story makes it hard to continue the game and although the combat is neat, it is too short to fully enjoy. A.W.: Phoenix Festa is only for fans of the Asterisk War anime, other players should buy the game with caution.

The review was written and provided by Chris. All screenshots are taken from the PS Vita version.

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