Twin Stick Shooter Vostok Inc. Coming To PS Vita & PS4 In Early 2017

Independent studio Nosebleed Interactive has revealed to us at Gamescom 2016 that their twin stick shooter Vostok Inc. is coming to the PS Vita and PS4 in early 2017.

Vostok Inc. is the second game from The Hungry Horde developer and can be described as a twin stick shooter meets idle clicker game. Like their first game, Vostok Inc. will be packed with lots of content to unlock and other cool stuff to find including arcade minigames.

Vostok Inc. is a casual game for a hardcore audience and a hardcore game for a casual audience. The premise is that you’re a corrupt, narcissistic yuppie, out to make as much money as possible. Think the Wolf of Wall Street… in Space.

Nosebleed Interactive are aiming for a frame rate of 30 FPS on the PS Vita and 60 FPS on the PS4. The twin stick shooter will also feature Cross-Save support so that you can start the action on the PS4 and continue on the PS Vita wherever you go.

Check out the Vostok Inc. Screenshots:

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