Review: Attack on Titan – PS Vita (8.8/10)

So the hit anime with the story around Eren Yeager and his crew finally got its own game and from one person who never watched it, Attack on Titan does an excellent job at telling the story and I would put it up as one of the best and non cliché as well.

Attack on Titan PS Vita

Titans are huge creatures that are naked for some reason but they are pretty damn smart and love to attack in pairs quite frequently if only your teammates were as smart. They aren’t dumb but they seem like they fell from a few branches but luckily you will be too busy swinging and jumping like Spider-Man to notice.

Attack on Titan PS Vita

Graphics are pretty good and the cutscenes are some of the better ones out there on the PS Vita. There is an issue though which are pop ups with graphics. You won’t see titans far away unless you are right on them but at least an icon lets you know where they are because sometimes 3 or 4 will be grouped together and the only way to kill them is in the backs of their neck. You can dismember them sometimes even for items but take out the legs first.

Attack on Titan PS Vita

One of my teammates kept dying too much but team work doesn’t matter because in each of the wide open areas, speed is everything since in most missions you will be playing defender one way or another. Some RPG elements are thrown in with upgrading weapons but you have to be at a certain level to unlock upgrades in the shop.

Attack on Titan PS Vita

There is online but I never tested it due to my weak signal but if you played Freedom Wars just consider this as a lite version of it. You do earn items that you can use for upgrading or creating weapons as well as your anchor to fly and jump. You also can earn skills with the characters you play as the story progresses and some of them are useful.

Attack on Titan PS Vita

Boss fights happen as well but mostly it will just be swinging around and slicing the neck rinse and repeat but I never got bored with it unlike other hack and slash games. Loading is quick and missions do last quite a bit and if you want a better score you can redo earlier levels at anytime.


Attack on Titan is a great adaption of the hit anime and does a great job at telling the story. The PS Vita version offers fast paced action gameplay, although with some graphic pop ups, it’s highly recommendable to even non anime fans to try something new.

The review was written and provided by Chris. All screenshots are from the PS Vita version.

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