Review: God Eater Resurrection – PS Vita (8.5/10)

God Eater came out for the PSP awhile back and I liked it as it did what Monster Hunter created but faster though somewhat stale but fun. With God Eater Resurrection, the PS Vita has a much improved version which adds things like survival missions.

The story is pretty much the same but the shiny new graphics and added voice work make the title even better. If you played Freedom Wars then you can easily jump into the game and while some is the same, Freedom Wars does some stuff better like a proper lock on system but upgrades I found in God Eater Resurrection better.

The story starts off slow but later on picks up speed and the enemies look great but the camera angle is a fight to deal with at times in battle. The AI for both sides is pretty smart unlike others “party” games and it works to a T. You earn items during and after a battle just like in Freedom Wars but God Eater Resurrection introduces a card system which also gets you to know your characters a bit but doesn’t really feel like an impact into it.

Voice acting is done really well and the music fits into the game and gameplay is smooth and quick. You have 3 types of missions which are: Regular, Urgent (which opens as you complete certain missions) and Add-On missions which I didn’t try yet.

Difficulty is pretty easy until rank 3 opens and then more strategy is needed. The email system is a nice touch that makes you feel connected with characters as well. Crafting is easy though don’t expect to get good craft items till much later in the game.


God Eater Resurrection looks amazing on the PS Vita and with its smooth gameplay it guarantees many hours of fun and entertainment. If you liked Freedom Wars, get God Eater Resurrection as well.

The review was written and provided by Chris. All screenshots are from the PS Vita version.

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