Hyper Light Drifter PS Vita Version Cancelled

Developer Heart Machine has announced that Hyper Light Drifter for the PS Vita has been cancelled.

According to the developer, they worked for months trying to get Hyper Light Drifter run well enough on the PS Vita. A problem was that they pushed the engine incredibly far and made it do things it wasn’t meant to do. The native port option on the PS Vita has not been performing anywhere near their standards and would have required a lot of major reworking and downgrading to fit on to a lower platform.

The only option would have been to recreate Hyper Light Drifter from the ground up in an entirely different engine which would have taken at least another 6 months of work, likey much more. Due to the developers health problems with no proper treatment in over 7 months, he came to the decision to cancel the PS Vita port of Hyper Light Drifter.

Kickstarter backers who have chosen the PS Vita version can switch their key to PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 or XBox One. Backers who had the PS Vita as their primary platform, can switch the key or can get a refund.

Via: Kickstarter

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