Review: Gal Gun: Double Peace – PS Vita (7/10)

You remember when X-Play would show those “It came from Japan” games and they would be beyond perverted? Well enter Gal Gun: Double Peace where the point of the game is making your true love fall for you by giving her using pheromones and Doki-Doki (and I’m not lying).

In Gal Gun: Double Peace, you play as a student who is named Houdai and after speaking with your long time friends Maya and Shinobu, an angel named Ekoro accidentally shoots you in the butt and makes every girl want you except of course your two friends because they are demon hunters.

Only in Japan does this happen though we have a simulator where you fall in love with birds so guess we are even in games so absurd you can’t help but wonder how. The gameplay is part visual novel and part old school on rails first-person shooter like Time Cop where you shoot all the girls that are in love with you with your laser.

You earn your currency which is feathers by completing levels, ranking up and doing missions. Those can be used in a shop to buy health level ups and attack as well as oddball things to level up or lower your personality traits which you get to choose before starting.

I could say gameplay is fun but on the PS Vita it’s slow like a 90 year old grandma trying to aim which doesn’t help when zoomed to find optional items or a spot to aim on girls when surrounded. The minigames are the parts that make you have a girl’s butt in your face to get her unstuck.

There is a 90$ DLC to see boobs and while what guy doesn’t love to see them, this has some ridiculous pricing. Other than that welcome to the longest game to load in all of PS Vita’s lifespan so far.


Gal Gun: Double Peace has got to be the most oddest game for the PS Vita. If you can handle long loading times and miss on rail shooters go for it, else you better pass as the game can get boring after awhile.

The review was written and provided by Chris. All screenshots are taken from the PS Vita version.

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