Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine Out Today For The PS Vita In North America

Dragoon Entertainment’s Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine is out today for the PS Vita in North America digitally via the PlayStation Network.

Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine is a 3D open-world RPG that takes place in Nova Scotia in 2048, as a large group known as the Cult of the Symbiote tries to forcefully overtake the province. The player controls the Gachduine, an unknown resistance group whose goal is to prevent the Cult from establishing strong roots in the province.

The PS Vita version features the newly added Avalon Peninsula questline which includes an additional overworld, more quests, more world map dungeons and more social situations.

Check out the Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine PS Vita Screenshots:

Check out the Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine PS Vita Gameplay:


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