Suki & the Shadow Klaw Coming To PS Vita & PS4

Indie developer Feline Arts will bring its platformer Suki & the Shadow Klaw to the PS Vita and PS4.

In Suki & the Shadow Klaw, you take control of the little dragon Suki on his adventure against the evil wolf Varg and his fearsome Klaw Gang who wants to become the most powerful creature in the world to have the power over every living being.

The platformer will feature beautiful old school inspired environments with different worlds to explore, each with its unique visuals and mechanics. Skills can be upgraded throughout the game which Suki needs when fighting against the bosses. Different difficulty modes will be available for both experienced and novice players.

Suki & the Shadow Klaw is currently in development for PS Vita, PS4, XBox One and Steam.

Check out the Suki & the Shadow Klaw Gameplay:


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