CyberThreat RPG Gets New Trailer Showcasing Characters & More

Indie developer Conor McKenna has released a new trailer for his upcoming CyberThreat RPG, showcasing some of the game’s characters, equipment options and also a bit of gameplay.

CyberThreat is a role-playing game with a modern day setting, set in the fictional city of Edendale. You play as a young man or woman who has come to this city for their final year of study in school. In the meantime, a mysterious string of unsolved murder cases have been occurring throughout the city, where all the victims have had only one thing in common, being the victims of heinous cyberbullying.

CyberThreat is in development for the PS Vita and PC and is scheduled to be released in 2017.

Check out the CyberThreat – Trailer #2:


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