PS Vita Exclusive Rogue Raiders Online Announced

One-man developer Dangerous Alone has announced the PS Vita exclusive action RPG Rogue Raiders Online.

Rogue Raiders Online is an action role-playing game with up to four players featuring online cooperative gameplay. Set in a hostile environment, players will need to cooperate in order to survive.

At the beginning, you create and customize your own raider and choose between several alien races and classes. Each of the classes comes with unique stats and traits that will dramatically affect the gameplay.

At the near space station which serves as a central hub you can find other players, obtain better equipment or sell items. Available quests are listed at a job board and after selecting your crew, you will travel to a planet to fulfill the job.

All planets will be handmade so none of them will look the same. Normally, the jobs require a team effort but sometimes one of your crew members may have a secret objective which will jeopardize the mission, so you have to be careful who to trust.

Rogue Raiders Online is an ambitious new project by Cristina Ramos who was the lead programmer of the PS Vita exclusive Phineas and Ferb. A Kickstarter campaign is planned to be launched on October 24, 2016 which deserves the PS Vita community’s fullest support.

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Check out the Rogue Raiders Online Screenshots:

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