Siralim 2 Coming To PS Vita & PS4

Thylacine Studios will bring Siralim 2, the sequel to the developer’s first game Siralim, to the PS Vita and PS4.

Siralim 2 is an old-school monster catching RPG with light roguelike elements. The player takes on the role of a mage who summons powerful creatures to fight in his stead. Players will journey through an endless, procedurally generated dungeon while completing randomly generated quests. The game includes over 500 different creatures to summon, each with their own unique abilities that drastically change the way the game is played.

The PS Vita and PS4 versions will include the Trials of the Gods! expansion where players will be able to challenge the gods to earn the right to transform their Nether Creatures into powerful avatars of their favorite gods. The expansion also features a new type of quest, spell gem customization, 2 new creature races for each of the 5 classes, 100 new spells, a way to visually customize the creatures and new achievements.

Thylacine Studios plans to release Siralim 2 for PS Vita and PS4 in North America and Europe in January 2017.

Key Features:

  • Endless randomly generated worlds to explore
    In Siralim 2, you will never see the same dungeon twice. Each dungeon has its own “biome” which determines what it looks like, but the entire layout is randomized.
  • Summon and breed hundreds of creatures to fight for you
    Each creature has a unique trait that changes the way they fight in battle. While there are over 500 different creatures to collect, you can only control a maximum of six creatures at a time.
  • Fight in strategic turn-based battles
    Combat requires thoughtful strategy to ensure your victory – battles are both difficult and dynamic, forcing you to plan ahead or you will die.
  • Craft and customize equipment for your creatures
    Each of your creatures can equip one artifact to boost their stats or grant them new traits and powers. While you can find many of these items by completing quests or finding treasure chests, the most powerful artifacts must be crafted at the blacksmith and enhanced by the enchanter.
  • Upgrade and manage your kingdom to lead it to prosperity
    You are the king (or queen) of your castle. It is your duty to protect it by raising an army of creatures, to bolster its economy by finding treasure, and to expand it by constructing new rooms and facilities.

Check out the Siralim 2 Screenshots:

Check out the Siralim 2 Trailer:


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