Twin Stick Shooter Vostok Inc. Gets Its First Official Trailer, Releases In 2017

Badland Games has announced via the first official trailer that it will be publishing the twin stick shooter Vostok Inc. for PS Vita, PS4, XBox One and Steam in 2017.

In Vostok Inc. you take on the role of the newly-appointed CEO of Vostok Incorporated with only one goal: to become filthy, stinking rich. Pilote your very own ship, explore and exploit more than 40 planets across six different solar systems in your quest to earn ludicrous amounts of moolah.

You start by landing on any planet to begin colonization, build factories, and rake in the big bucks. Once the moolah starts flowing, you’ll be able to upgrade your ship weapons and augmentations. Increase profits even further by finding and recruiting managers, consultants and executives scattered throughout the galaxy.

Developed by Nosebleed Interactive, Vostok Inc. is the second game from The Hungry Horde developer and is a combination of twin stick shooter and idle clicker game.

Check out the Vostok Inc. Trailer:


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