Toukiden 2 Coming To North America & Europe In Spring 2017

Koei Tecmo today announced that Toukiden 2, the sequel to the demon-hunting RPG Toukiden, will be released in North America and Europe in Spring 2017. Although platforms have not been revealed, it’s safe to assume that it will be available for both PS Vita and PS4 as these are mentioned in the source code of the newly opened website.

Koei Tecmo released an original Toukiden anime short film by Studio 4°C which highlights some of the new characters who join players on their journey and whose fates play a key role in the Toukiden 2 storyline.

Set shortly after the events detailed in Toukiden: Kiwami, Toukiden 2 introduces an all-new, captivating narrative featuring a compelling cast of companions and more devious demons to defeat. Players will step into the shoes of a Slayer tasked with saving humankind by carrying out special quests to reduce the monstrous hordes and liberate Oni-infested areas.

Toukiden 2 boasts a vast and extensive open world full of danger and wonder, and takes the player deep into enemy territory. Slayers and Oni will battle it out in the Otherworld, a tormented battleground divided into six distinct Ages. Revisit the redesigned Ages of Yore, Grace, Honor, War, Peace and Chaos, each distinctively representing an era of Japanese history, and discover more about the Oni threat and your character’s unique role in its resolution.

Check out the Toukiden 2 Anime Short Film:


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