Sharin no Kuni Physical And Digital PS Vita Release Confirmed

The official localization of the visual novel Sharin no Kuni: The Girl Among the Sunflowers will be getting a physical and digital PS Vita release as the PS Vita stretch goal of $120,000 was unlocked last night.

Publishing and production of the physical release will be handled by Limited Run Games. There will be a variant cover for the PS Vita version which is exclusive to Kickstarter backers. For non-backers, physical PS Vita copies with non-exclusive art will be available directly from Limited Run Games, as well as a digital release on the North American PlayStation Store.

The campaign is running for another 40 hours so if you are interested in the Kickstarter exclusive PS Vita variant cover, head over to the Kickstarter campaign and pledge $40 or more.

First released in 2005 by AKABEi SOFT2, Sharin no Kuni: The Girl Among the Sunflowers is a Japanese visual novel that has touched the hearts of countless fans and is celebrated as a masterpiece in the history of Japanese visual novels.

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