PS Vita Exclusive Demon Gaze II Gets English Release In Asia

Online retailer Play-Asia has put up a listing for an English release of the PS Vita exclusive dungeon RPG Demon Gaze II in Asia. According to the listing, Demon Gaze II is expected to be released in Asia in March 2017 with pre-orders opening soon.

Demon Gaze II was released for the PS Vita in Japan on September 29, 2016. A western release has not been announced yet. The prequel Demon Gaze was published in the west in 2014 by NIS America.

Demon Gaze II brings us back to the city-state of Asteria. Once again players will be taking on massive dungeons with a whole library of unique friendly demons by their side. The Demon Gaze series combines exciting & difficult battles, eerie labyrinths, and blood boiling scenes to grab the player and drag them into the story.

Demon Gaze II introduces a new “Demon Gazer” with the young protagonist Signa, the orphaned member of a party of revolutionaries in a search for the mother who raised them. Signa has the unique power of the “evil eye,” a gift he was given in exchange for his memories. Alongside our protagonist will be Muse, a friend to Signa and the owner of the tavern Stella’s Place, and leader of the revolutionist party.

Since Asteria has gone through a several-year time skip since the initial release of Demon Gaze we can also expect a whole new range of demons to have come into existence with the release of Demon Gaze II, including types like “demon songstress.” These new demons are named for the various constellations and can take on the form of a human.

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