Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ Gets English PS Vita Version

The official localization of the visual novel Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ will get an English PS Vita version as the PS Vita stretch goal of the Kickstarter campaign was successfully reached ($200,000).

The campaign is currently at $212,173 with 4 more hours to go. To get the PS Vita version you can either pledge $100+ or choose the $1 tier and manually add another $35 for a digital copy of the game.

The PS Vita version will be available digitally only as the file size of the visual novel will be around 6 GB. The available region will be announced at a later date.

Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ is a one-of-a-kind urban fantasy battle opera. The foundation of this story is laid in the climax of WW2-era Germany, but the true design doesn’t come to light until six decades later in modern-day Japan. Monstrous beings known as the Longinus Dreizehn Orden have far transcended the limits of humanity. The very fate of the cosmos, the very Throne of God is laid bare and ready to be seized!

Check out the Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ Opening Movie:

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