Warlock’s Tower Coming To PS Vita In Spring 2017

Brazilian indie developer Midipixel will bring its award-winning puzzler Warlock’s Tower to the PS Vita in spring 2017.

Warlock’s Tower is a challenging puzzle game where every step you take might be your last. In this game, you play as mailman Tim and the spunky girl Jess. Together, they must deliver a peace offering to an Evil Wizard living at the top of a cursed, life-draining tower.

There’s a simple rule that makes the gameplay unique among similar puzzles: One step taken, one life lost. Warlock’s Tower features short and addictive play cycles, tons of stages full of traps, monsters, and clever mechanics, all wrapped up in delicious, nostalgic and lovingly-crafted gameboy aesthetic.


  • Solve 100 + diabolically complex rooms! Brain melting puzzles await you in the dungeon, factory, library, private chambers, & warehouse,
  • Outwit zombies, flying eyes, & slimes! Your ever-diminishing steps are far from the only danger.
  • Play with a friend! Option to roll solo or tackle tricky tag team stages with a buddy.
  • Feel the 80s! 8-bit flavored graphics and sfx/music make you feel like you’re playing GameBoy™ again.
  • Become a Mailman hero! Reach the pinnacle of the postal ranks by delivering the letter to the elusive Warlock,

Check out the Warlock’s Tower Screenshots:

Check out the Warlock’s Tower Trailer:


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