Geki Yaba Runner Coming To PS Vita On January 31, 2017

QubicGames has announced that Geki Yaba Runner will be coming to the PS Vita on January 31, 2017.

Geki Yaba Runner is a colorful arcade runner that puts your platforming skills to the ultimate test. Run, leap and fly through over 100 fiendishly challenging levels in this Gnome’s bizarre adventure.

Transform the moustached hero into a ranging force of destruction or a super speedy gnome to overcome Gekiyaba’s harshest obstacles and turn up the ante with the mind-boggling boss castles. Can you overcome every hurdle to save the princess and collect every sock?

Key Features:

  • Fast-paced addictive gameplay perfectly balancing challenge and rewards
  • Over 100 devious tracks to test your arcade skills on the go
  • Colorful, cartoony setting full of comedy and unending fun
  • Trophies and online leaderboards to spice up competition

Check out the Geki Yaba Runner Gameplay Trailer:


Via: Twitter

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