Physics Platformer iO Available Today For PS Vita And PS4

Gamious has announced that iO is available today for PS Vita and PS4 digitally via the Playstation Network featuring cross-buy support.

iO is an abstract physics platformer. As a player you control a ball in several puzzling settings where physics will bring you to your goal; reach the exit points as quick as possible and win yourself a golden medal. You can influence speed by growing or shrinking the ball. Use these mechanics to gain momentum and make your way through the levels.


  • Roll your way out; use your speed and skills to overcome more than 225 puzzling challenges on your way to the exit point.
  • Crafty mechanics; navigate through a universe with elements like physics based objects, portals, contraptions and inverses gravity. Try to master them all.
  • Pure gameplay; strip away distraction and get back to the essence of logical thinking.
  • Earn a Gold Medal for every level.
  • Dual Stick controller support.

Check out the iO PS Vita Screenshots:

Check out the iO PS Vita Gameplay:


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