The Deer God Coming To PS Vita And PS4 On April 25, 2017

Blowfish Studios has announced that the platform adventure The Deer God will be coming to PS Vita and PS4 on April 25, 2017.

The Deer God is a pixel art game in a 3d pixelized world featuring a soundtrack by Evan Gipson. Players explore vast landscapes, tackle challenging puzzles to unlock skills and abilities, while avoiding hunters and other dangerous enemies in the quest for survival.

The story follows a hunter as he attempts to take out the largest buck for bragging rights. His expedition takes a turn for the worst when he gets mauled to death and comes face to face with The Deer God. Reincarnated as a fawn, the hunter returns to his world and must stay alive as he traverses a procedurally generated world.

Check out The Deer Good – Release Date Trailer:


Via: PlayStation Blog

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