Lichtspeer Now Available For The PS Vita In North America & Europe

Lichtspeer is now available for the PS Vita in North America and Europe digitally via the PlayStation Network featuring cross-buy and cross-save support with the already released PS4 version.

Lichtspeer is an unforgiving fast-paced arcade lightspear-throwing simulator based in an ancient germanic future. Get ready for a brutal, stylish and psychedelic adventure in the lands of techno-vikings and lasers. The mighty Lichtgods need a champion to fight for their amusement – they chose you. Armed with the powerful Lichtspeer you must embark on a vicious one way journey.

Key Features:

  • Experience an uber fantastich mix
    A mix of arcade action and lightspear-throwing simulation.
  • Battle a diverse legion of gargantuan bosses
    Exploit their weaknesses and smash them into pieces.
  • Discover the lands of ancient Germanic future
    Fight hordes of Biedermeier beasts from another dimension: Wurst Zombies, Evil Spacedwarfs, Skater Walruses, you name it.
  • Show off your lichtmeister skills
    Decapitate your enemies with headshots, execute special attacks, and generate zuper massive combos to improve your score and impress your friends!
  • Rave to a bombastich space-soundtrack
    Ranging from electro-space marches to vibrating sounds of technocumbia.
  • Rise to the challenge
    See if you got what it takes to beat the cruel, nerve wrecking Rage Quit and New Game+ modes.

Check out the Lichtspeer Trailer:


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