Rainbow Skies Gets New Screenshots Introducing Monster Breeding Feature

Eastasiasoft has released new screenshots for the fantasy role-playing game Rainbow Skies, introducing the Monster Breeding feature.

The Monster Breeding feature allows you to breed monsters, to add them to your team and to take them into battle. Monster Breeding is mostly optional for completing the main story, but it’s inevitable if you want to get the most out of your battle setup and defeat some of the toughest enemies.

How Does It Work?

The Monster Breeding feature unlocks once you are a couple of hours into the game. In order to start the breeding process, you first need to find a monster egg. Eggs are dropped by defeating enemies. While some monster eggs are quite easy to obtain, others are a lot rarer. Once you have obtained your first egg, Ashly will be really excited and urge you to visit the Monster Farm.

Breeding Eggs

Take your monster eggs to any Monster Farm to start the breeding process. Depending on the average level of your main characters, you can breed monsters at either level 1 or a higher level. The higher the level, the higher the cost and the longer the breeding process takes. If you breed your monsters at a higher level, you will receive a number of skill stones as a reward, which you can use to further upgrade your monster stats. Furthermore, your monster’s upgrade menu will already be populated with additional upgrade entries.

A number of stats can be previewed before starting the Monster Breeding process, including the monster’s max attributes and the type of magic schools that can be learned. While your main characters can learn up to three magic schools, most monsters are limited to two. There’s a cap on how powerful your monsters can become, so it will be useful to frequently breed new and stronger monsters to replace your older ones.

The breeding process is divided into a number of phases. If you visit the Monster Farm frequently to look after your eggs, you will notice a number of different animations. The eggs will shake harder the closer the monsters are to hatching. There’s also a rumor that looking after your monster eggs frequently will somehow pay off.

Adding Monsters to Your Party

Once your monster has hatched, you can pick it up from the Monster Farm and add it to your team. If you would like to take your monster with you into battle, you can add it to your battle party. In the beginning, only one monster can join you in battle, but the limit increases over time to a maximum of three.

Monsters are treated just like your main characters, which means that all the same options and features are available to them. Monsters can:

  • execute the same commands during battles
  • be upgraded using skill stones
  • equip up to five different types of equipment
  • learn magic books & learn new active skills
  • learn passive skills
  • become team leaders

In the beginning, your team is limited to a total of nine members, which can be expanded up to 30 during the process of the game. Monsters can be permanently removed from your team at any Monster Farm. Beware of Ashly, though, she might not forgive you!

Monster Training

Only monsters that are in your active battle party can gain experience points and level up. If you have a lot of monsters in your team and don’t want them to fall behind, you can toughen them up by sending them into Monster Training.

Monsters that have been sent into training, will also earn experience points and level up whenever you are victorious in battle. While they are safe and protected from any harm, their total XP gained during training is slightly lower. Monster Training costs a small fee, paid in Rainbow Coins. The total fee payable at the end of each battle depends on the number of monsters in training and their current level. A number of settings and notifications can be adjusted at the Monster Farm to automatically pause the training in case you are running out of Rainbow Coins.

It’s also worth to mention that you can freely choose a name for any of your monsters.

Rainbow Skies will be released for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 in North America and Europe in 2017.

Via: eastasiasoft

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