The Caligula Effect In Europe Delayed To May 9, New Battle Screenshots Revealed

Atlus has announced that The Caligula Effect has been delayed in Europe to May 9, 2017. In North America, the game will still be available on May 2, 2017.

Additionally, the publisher has released new screenshots and details for the game’s battle system.

When battles start, the party’s attack order is based on the order you selected. You will then select each character’s action. The Imaginary Chain system lets you preview a selected move for each character and see the end result, how the enemies will react to it, as well as the actions of your other party members.

You can even adjust the timing of each move. There are plenty of different ways to coordinate team attacks and you will even be awarded a letter grade after each sequence. Over 500+ NPCs with various skills can be added to the party.

Check out The Caligula Effect Screenshots:

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