Revenant Saga Now Available In North America

The gothic fantasy RPG Revenant Saga is now available for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 in North American as digital download title on the Playstation Store featuring cross-buy support for $14.99. PlayStation Plus subscribers get a discount of $1.50 until May 23, 2017.

After being turned into an immortal being known as a ‘Revenant’ and learning of the existence of a demon within him, Albert sets out on a journey to make the person who did this to him pay with their very life. However, as he runs into others along the way dealing with their own figurative demons, what is the answer he finds…?

Revenant Saga features over 30+ hours of gameplay woven around Albert’s elaborate journey. This includes a variety of unique subquests, in-battle transformation systems, as well as a weapon forging system allowing players to make entirely unique weapons as they battle in a classic 3D battle animation system!

Check out the Revenant Saga PS Vita Gameplay:


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