Pox Nora Still Coming To PS Vita But At A Later Date

Today, Desert Owl Games has announced that the turn-based strategy game Pox Nora will be arriving on PS4 on May 23, 2017. Strangely enough, the previously announced PS Vita version was not mentioned.

That’s why we have contacted the PR of Desert Owl Games and asked if the PS Vita version of Pox Nora has been cancelled as it was not included in the release date announcement. Fortunately, the answer was a clear no. The PS Vita version is still coming, only at a later date which will be announced sometime in the future.

In Pox Nora, players build custom decks of cards that include equipment, spells, and playable characters called Champions. Next, cards are deployed across a persistent grid-based battlefield to destroy the opponent’s shrine. Along the way, control points called Nora Fonts can be captured to stockpile resources needed to play more cards and Champions.

With more than 2,700 cards available, decks can be extensively tailored to match custom strategies or pre-made Public Decks can be selected to jump right into the fray.

Check out the Pox Nora – Announcement Trailer:


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