Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Probably Delayed To June 2017

A forum post by Gaijinworks founder Victor Ireland has revealed that Summon Night 6: Lost Borders for PS Vita and PS4 will probably be delayed due to missing content on the PS4 ROM which has to be fixed and tested again until manufacturing of the retail copies can begin.

Amazon has already put up a new release date for Summon Night 6: Lost Borders set for June 27, 2017 which would mean a delay for one month.

Here is the original forum post by Victor Ireland:

The ROM we received that was supposedly final was missing content when we tested it, so we have to have that fixed. Even if we get it back, tested and into Sony by the end of next week (which is herculean, and assumes the replacement ROM is right), I doubt the end of May will hold. I just don’t have a better idea until we receive the fixed ROM and test it. We’ve told retailers and distributors, who may put up new placeholder dates, but know that we have NOT set a new date, and can’t until we test the replacement ROM. Once it gets past us, it’s very likely to get through Sony, so we’re on the manufacture train at that point, and manufacture is a few weeks.

Sucks, I know. We’re disappointed, too, because it means ANOTHER playthrough to test the fixed ROM, and a delay for fans, but trust me, you did NOT want the version we got, and I prefer to release as clean a disc as possible instead of a mess that is day-one patched, because someday those patch servers will not be there and the mess on the disc is all people will have to judge the game by.

Previously, Summon Night 6: Lost Borders was scheduled for release in February 2017 and has already been delayed to May 23, 2017. As soon as we get an official statement for the final or new release date, we will inform you.

You still can pre-order the game at PS Vita version / PS4 version

Via: Gaijinworks

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