Tokyo Clanpool Announced For PS Vita

Compile Heart has announced Tokyo Clanpool for PS Vita, the first title in Compile Heart and Dengeki PlayStation’s crossover brand “Den-Pile” which is underlined by the keywords “dungeon RPG revolution.”

Tokyo Clanpool is set near-future Tokyo. When a mysterious, upside-down city suddenly appears in the sky, a tower stretching from the city connects to the National Diet Building, forming the demonic tower known as the “Dark World Diet Tower.” The monsters that travel through this tower begin to overflow, and Japan is isolated from the outside world and falls into a state of devastation.

The “Cyber Tactics Cabinet” is established to rebuild the collapsed government and fight against the monsters. Natsume, the protagonist and first-generation prime minister of this new cabinet, aims to capture the “Dark World Diet Tower.”

Tokyo Clanpool features customization elements through its “Gadgeteers” system, which are cyber spirits personified as gadgets, as well as unique systems related to bills, elections, and the like that leverage its setting.

Check out the Tokyo Clanpool Teaser Trailer:


Via: Gematsu

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