Devolver Digital Thinking About Bringing New Game To The PS Vita This Summer

Devolver Digital revealed in a “Behind the Schemes @E3 2017” video that they are thinking about bringing a new game to the PS Vita this summer.

In this video, the publisher replies to the question from Twitter user Twioch who was asking “What are you bringing for my Vita?”

It’s funny that you have asked that because we are seriously thinking about bringing a game to the Vita this summer, but we are not ready to announce that just yet.

Later in the video,¬†Hotline Miami’s Dennis and artist El Huervo answer the question about Hotline Miami 3 in a quite ironical way:

Here is some poetry. A new Hotline Miami never coming out. Got it?

This sounds that Hotline Miami 3 is real but at the moment we can only guess that it’s the new PS Vita game Devolver Digital is speaking of.

As both Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number are already available on PS Vita, it’s likely that we will see the third title on Sony’s handheld as well. But at the moment we have to wait and see what this new PS Vita game will be.

Check out the Behind the Schemes Video (starts at 1:47):


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