Gungho’s Unannounced Nintendo Switch Game Will Be An Action Game For All Ages

GungHo Online Entertainment CEO Kazuki Morishita revealed in an interview with Destructoid at E3 2017 that the company’s upcoming Nintendo Switch title will be an “action game for all ages with a lighter, comical tone.”

Morishita confirmed it would be a new IP but could not compare the unannounced game to anything on the market right now.¬†“No direct comparison exists,” Morishita said. “It’s a gameplay style that has not been seen before.” The game will feature both a multiplayer and single-player component.

The unannounced game did not start originally as a Switch title. It has been kicked around for about “4-5 years” within the company before coming to life in its current form.

GungHo Online Entertainment is known for its mobile game Puzzle & Dragons and the Ragnarok series.

Via: Destructoid

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