eastasiasoft Will Be Publishing New PS Vita Game In November 2017

eastasiasoft has revealed on Twitter that they will be publishing a new PS Vita game in Asia in November 2017 both physically and digitally.

The publisher has posted a Tweet that they are testing a new PS Vita game that they know people will love:

Testing a new Vita game that we know people will love! Launching this November (digital/physical), more details soon. #PSVita #vitaisland

The publisher further revealed that the unannounced PS Vita game is not available in North America and Europe yet and that it will feature a platinum trophy.

The genre of the new game is not a visual novel but out of respect for the developers, they couldn’t give more hints as a joint announcement will follow.

eastasiasoft is an independent Hong Kong–based developer and publisher known for titles such as Rainbow Moon, and the Söldner-X franchise and currently working on Rainbow Skies for PS Vita, PS3, and PS4.

Via: Twitter

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