Bard’s Gold Limited Physical PS Vita & PS4 Editions Available On July 7, 2017

Limited Run Games has announced that the limited physical PS Vita and PS4 editions of Bard’s Gold will go on sale on July 7, 2017. A limited amount of 2,800 copies per platform will be available at 10 AM Eastern Time exclusively at Limited Run Games.

Bard’s Gold is  a slow-paced platformer with light RPG elements inspired by late ’80s and early ’90s classics such as Rick Dangerous, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Rainbow Islands, and others. In order to progress through the game, the player has to find the key within each level and get to the door.

The game features more than 100 handcrafted levels which are picked randomly for each playthrough. A permanent upgrade system guarantees that each and every one of your sessions counts.

Check out our Bard’s Gold Trailer:


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