Puzzle Games Energy Cycle & Energy Balance Coming Soon To PS Vita

Evgeniy Kolpakov from SometimesYou has revealed to Handheld Players that their puzzle games Energy Cycle and Energy Balance will be coming soon to PS Vita in North America.

Energy Cycle, a color matching puzzle game, will be launching on PS Vita in North America on July 7, 2017 while Energy Balance, a number puzzle game, will be arriving on July 12, 2017, as digital download titles on the PlayStation Network.

A European release of both games is planned for later this year.

Energy Cycle

Energy Cycle is a color matching puzzle game. When you click each cell on the game field – it changes color, and the colors of adjacent cells horizontally and vertically. Your task to bring all the cells to the same color. Sounds pretty easy, but try to do it.

Energy Cycle features three game modes: Puzzle (without timer, pre-designed puzzles), Time Attack (with timer and scoring, random puzzles), and Infinite Play (without timer, like Time Attack, but you can play it forever).

Check out the Energy Cycle Trailer:


Energy Balance

Energy Balance is a number puzzle game. You have to swap power units in such a way that their sums form correct chains both vertically and horizontally. The game is easy to learn, but very hard to master. So, are you ready to peep under the hood of an alien spaceship?

During a mission your spaceship encounters an unknown anomaly and all systems fail. You have to balance the energy in order to get them running again and to get home safely.

Check out the Energy Balance Trailer:


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