Rainbow Skies Gets New Screenshots Introducing New Fishing Mini-Game

Eastasiasoft has released new screenshots for the upcoming fantasy role-playing game Rainbow Skies, introducing the new fishing mini-game.

Just like fighting enemies, fishing is 100% turn-based. A total of 50 different fish can be caught, which cannot be obtained through any other means in the game. Fish can be sold for a good price, eaten or used to complete a number of side quests. Fish are divided into 10 different levels. You will need a high-quality fishing rod to catch fish of higher levels.

Fishing spots can be found all around Rainbow Skies, including at a large variety of lakes and ponds. Specific types of fish can be caught at each spot, where some of the rarest fish can only be caught at hidden fishing spots. When approaching a spot, a fish directory displays which fish you have already caught and which fish can be caught at a certain spot.

Getting Started

It’s easy to start fishing. As soon as the feature has been unlocked, an action prompt will be shown on screen whenever you are close to a fishing spot.

As there are many important tasks demanding your attention in Rainbow Skies, only a limited number of fishing attempts are possible per game day. While this number is relatively low in the beginning, it can be increased later on.

Obviously, you can’t catch fish without the proper gear, so a fishing rod is required. The first one will be given to you free of charge, but better equipment can be purchased or found later on. Fishing rods don’t wear out, so they can be used indefinitely.


Once you have started a fishing attempt, the game automatically targets a fish. Your goal is to successfully catch the fish by bringing its HP down to 0 before you run out of stamina or turns. In the beginning, you will only have a few turns to do this, but your maximum turns can be increased to eight later on. During each turn, you can execute one command. Only a single command is available initially, but up to six more can be unlocked throughout the game.

You will earn fishing XP for each executed command. Once a certain threshold has been reached, your fishing level increases. By reaching higher fishing levels, you will unlock new fishing skills which allow you to catch higher level fish.

Fishing Commands

Here’s an overview of the commands that can be unlocked during the game. There’s a cooldown for each command, which means after execution, you won’t be able to use the same command again for a number of turns. Can you find the right combination to catch even the toughest breed?

Command Cooldown Unlock level Description
Light pull 0 turns 1 Pull the fishing line lightly. Requires little stamina. Decreases fish’s HP by a slight amount.
Medium pull 1 turn 3 Pull the fishing line a little bit harder. Requires greater stamina. Decreases fish’s HP by a medium amount.
Hard pull 2 turns 20 Pull the fishing line as hard as you can. Requires significant stamina, but also decreases fish’s HP by a large amount when successful.
Wait 3 turns 2 Regenerates stamina.
Stamina+ 4 turns 15 Half the amount of stamina is required for the next 3 turns.
Recover 5 turns 10 Gain an additional 2 turns. Does not cost a turn.
Finishing move N/A 25 Execute a finishing move. Can only be used once a fish’s HP is below 20%. Only available once per fishing attempt.

* All values are subject to change without notice prior game release.


During the fishing mini-game, the following elements are displayed on screen:

  • Current fishing level & XP
  • Fishing rod in use
  • Stamina (linked to your fishing rod)
  • Remaining turns
  • Name of the targeted fish & HP
  • Estimated stamina & damage prediction for the next turn

Rainbow Skies will be released for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 in North America and Europe in 2017.

Via: eastasiasoft

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