Putty Pals Coming To Nintendo Switch

Australian studio Harmonious Games has announced that Putty Pals will be coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

Putty Pals is a colorful, bouncy, and squishy cooperative two-player platform puzzle game, challenging two players to communicate and solve problems together. Players must guide two cute, brightly-colored balls of putty through over thirty levels of obstacles and hazards in a vivid, cartoonish world.

The two characters can cooperate in a variety of ways. They can flatten themselves to form a high-bouncing trampoline, link hands to swing each other through the air, and much more. Color-coded puzzles mean that both players will need to do their part to get the heroes back home.


  • Pure co-op gameplay, built from the ground up for two people playing together side by side
  • Cooperative use of bouncing and swinging physics lets players lift each other to new heights
  • Explore diverse environments including explosive volcanoes and unstable ice caves
  • 18 full-length levels with unlockable time trials, plus 16 bonus mini-levels

Check out the Putty Pals – Announcement Trailer:


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