PS Vita Exclusive Drive Girls Delayed To September In North America

Aksys Games has announced  that the PS Vita exclusive Drive Girls has been delayed in North America and will now release on September 8, 2017 both physically and digitally. Originally, the game was scheduled for August 11, 2017.

An experience with the style and splendor of Japan, Drive Girls is developed by the ever-popular Tamsoft and features characters designed by popular illusatrator UGUME. In a world under assault by an army of mechanized Bugs it’s up to the Drive Girls – five girls with the power to transform into souped up supercars – to defend their home of Sun Island, cross the finish line, and save the day!

Key Features

  • Crash Head-on Into Battle
    Play as any of the five Drive Girls in this action, driving, hack ‘n’ slash hybrid, and battle it out in human or supercar form to reign victory over the enemy.
  • Cruise Through Sun Island
    Featuring an extensive single-player campaign and local or online multiplayer for up to four players.
  • Tune Up and Roll Out
    Players can boost the Drive Girls’ stats in the garage by tuning and customizing their ride with new parts and sleek decals using the currency earned after every mission.

In Europe, Drive Girls was released on June 13, 2017.

Check out the Drive Girls Announcement Trailer:


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