PS Vita Version of The Banner Saga Definitely Cancelled

Versus Evil has announced that the PS Vita version of The Banner Saga has been definitely cancelled.

According to the publisher, the PS Vita port was in development for over two years now but it would take more time and funding to get it running to the conditions they expect for PS Vita and Banner Saga fans.

Versus Evil revealed that development on PS Vita was progressing well enough but once they got the game running, they ran into significant performance issues that led to the decision to suspend development.

Back in 2015, the PS Vita version of The Banner Saga was cancelled for the first time but Sony stepped in and partnered with Versus Evil and Stoic to continue development together with Code Mystics.

So this is the second and final cancellation of a game that was not meant to be on the PS Vita.

Via: Versus Evil

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