Descenders Announced For Nintendo Switch

Action Henk developer RageSquid and publisher No More Robots have announced Descenders for Nintendo Switch, an extreme downhill freeriding with procedurally generated worlds.

Descenders throws players into the high-octane world of downhill biking, where every jump, whip and scrub will earn Rep points for you and your team – but with the risk that you might lose it all with just one badly timed landing. A fully-fledged physics system allows players to string together incredible trick combos and Rep points, as you make your way down the mountain and attempt to reach the bottom unscathed.

Descenders also features deep team-based community features. Players are given the choice of which team to ride for – Enemy, Arboreal or Kinetic – and your team becomes your family. Apart from wearing your team’s colors with pride, players will also receive exclusive gear from their team, and can earn special prizes if their team is top of the leaderboards at the end of each month.

Descenders is scheduled to be released for Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Check out the Descenders Reveal Trailer:


Via: IGN

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