Stardew Valley Possibly Coming To PS Vita

Eric Barone has revealed to a Reddit user that Stardew Valley is possibly coming to PS Vita.

Reddit user MrSabuhudo has posted an email from the Stardew Valley developer where he states that “the game is running on the PS Vita but it still needs some optimization to make it run smoothly on the Vita hardware.”

He further added: “I am hoping it will happen this year but I can’t commit to anything officially yet.”

Back in January, Eric revealed in a Stardew Valley progress update that they are investigating the possibility of a PS Vita port. This email now confirms that they are still working on it.

Until now, this is no conformation that the country-life RPG will be coming to PS Vita, but lets hope that Eric and his development team can make the PS Vita port reality.

Via: Reddit

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One thought on “Stardew Valley Possibly Coming To PS Vita

  • July 27, 2017 at 22:18

    This is good news really hoping its possible to come out on the PS Vita this year


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