First Look At Slime-san On Nintendo Switch

Tomorrow, Slime-san will be released on Nintendo Switch. Handheld Players takes a first look at the action-platformer.

In the game you play as Slime-san who got eaten by a giant worm and now tries to escape from the worm’s intestines. Slime-san can jump and dash through obstacles and also can slow down time for more precise maneuvers. Death is always around the corner as a wall of stomach acid tries to catch our little hero.

Gameplay is fast-paced and controls are very accurate, although during hectic moments it happens that you get confused which can lead to many deaths. By collecting partially-digested apples you can unlock different play styles but actually getting those apples is a bit tricky. There is also a time meter which unlocks game trophies but you have to practice a lot to achieve them.

Slime-san is not an easy game and appeals more to the hardcore gamer. From playing the first 10 levels, Slime-san seems to be an entertaining action-platformer with some potental of frustration. Those who are looking for a challenge could find it here.

Check out the Slime-San Nintendo Switch Gameplay:


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