Phantom Trigger Coming To Nintendo Switch On August 10, 2017

TinyBuild has announced that Phantom Trigger will be coming to Nintendo Switch on August 10, 2017 for $14.99 / 14.99€ / £13.49 via the Nintendo eShop.

Phantom Trigger is a hardcore neon slasher with RPG elements where you play as Stan, a ordinary whitecollar middle-class worker. After a mysterious event, his life gets disrupted and he finds himself in a pulsing neon reality where demons fight in packs and use every trick they have to break Stan’s defense.

Phantom Trigger combines elements from slasher and RPG genres featuring a rich combo system, trapping and freezing enemies, herding groups, and burning bosses.


  • Branching story with 4 alternative endings
  • 5 Disinct Worlds to explore
  • Estimated 7+ hours of gameplay
  • A deep combat system focusing on unlocking combos and upgrading weapons
  • Local Co-Op

Check out the Phantom Trigger Screenshots:

Check out the Phantom Trigger – Pre-Launch Trailer:


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