Top 20 Upcoming PS Vita Games Q3/Q4 2017

Handheld Players reveals its top 20 upcoming PS Vita games of Q3/Q4 2017. What are your most anticipated PS Vita games for the rest of the year? Let us know in the comments!

20. Rabi-Ribi

North America: 2017 (PSN), Europe: September 1st (PSN)
Genre: Platformer, Publisher: Sekai Project (NA), PQube (EU)

Rabi-Ribi PS Vita

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Rabi-Ribi is a 2D side-scrolling action-platformer that combines the freedom of exploration, platforming and combat with the white-knuckle intensity of bullet hell boss fights.

Play as the bunny girl Erina who mysteriously wakes up in an unfamiliar place in a strange body to find her way back home. With the help of her trusty Piko Hammer and her fairy friend Ribbon, uncover the mysteries that take place on Rabi-Ribi island.

19. Mercenary Kings

North America: 2017 (PSN), Europe: 2017 (PSN)
Genre: Action Game, Publisher: Tribute Games

Mercenary Kings PS Vita

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Mercenary Kings is a 2D action game where you are part of the most skilled team of warriors-for hire on Earth. But when your comrades have fallen and the forces of CLAW have seized a top secret laboratory base, it’s up to you to stop them.

Mercenary Kings features over 100 missions of run and gun gameplay, crafting and customization of weapons and armor, as well as gainable rank points to unlock new missions and items.

18. Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]

North America: 2017 (PSN), Europe: 2017 (PSN)
Genre: Fighting Game, Publisher: Aksys Games (NA), PQube (EU)

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] PS Vita

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Developed by French Bread, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] is considered as the missing link between traditional 2D fighter gameplay and the over-the-top craziness of ‘anime’ fighters.

The game takes place in a fictional modern-day Japan, where a mysterious event called Hollow Night occurs on a monthly basis. During the Hollow Night, shadowy creatures called Voids appear and attack innocent people. Survivors of these attacks sometimes develop special abilities and become known as an In-Birth.

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] features four new characters, 4 new stages, re-balanced gameplay, new combo challenge and tutorial modes as well as a chronicle mode to discover the narrative of the game.

17. WindJammers

North America: Aug 29 (PSN), Europe: Aug 29 (PSN)
Genre: Arcade, Publisher: DotEmu

Windjammers PS Vita

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Originally released on the NEOGEO arcade system, Windjammers is a fast-paced head-to-head arcade game where two players face off on a court, and throw discs at the opponent’s goal zone to score points. The player with the most points wins.

Windjammers features 5 game modes, 6 unique characters, 6 playable environments, 2 unlockable mini-games, new HD menus, trophies and leaderboards, and for the first time ever an online versus mode.

16. The Count Lucanor

North America: 2017 (PSN), Europe: 2017 (PSN)
Genre: Horror Adventure, Publisher: Baroque Decay

The Count Lucanor PS Vita

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With a retro, halfway-between-8-and-16-bit style and inspired by classic games like The Legend of Zelda, Yume Nikki, Silent Hill or Dark Souls, among others, The Count Lucanor is a mystery and horror adventure set in a fairytale world. The game features important choices, alternative endings, secrets and different ways to solve puzzles.

Join Hans in a fantasy world and experience a unique adventure, full of surprises and challenges. Get hooked on an immersive tale, where every decision counts and every clue is a piece to solve the puzzle and get the treasure. Unravel the sordid secrets of the castle, meet colorful characters, and remember: horror always lurks beneath the surface.

14. Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth

North America: September 5th (RetailPSN), Europe: September 5th (PSN)
Genre: Strategy RPG, Publisher: Atlus

Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth PS Vita

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After the events of Mask of Deception, the Yamato Empire is now ruled with an iron fist by a ruthless usurper who seeks to subjugate all before him. It’s up to a couple of familiar faces to band together against the might of the Imperial army, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance as nations and generals must pick a side to fight with in this perilous civil war. Secrets will be revealed, friendships will be tested, and battles will be fought. Will peace and order be restored or will victory at any cost be the beginning of the end?

14. Sir Eatsalot

North America: 2017 (PSN), Europe: 2017 (PSN)
Genre: Platformer, Publisher: Behind the Stone

Sir Eatslot PS Vita

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Sir Eatsalot is a humorous 2D platformer with a strong focus on level-exploration. As the name suggests, our hero eats a lot and when he finds out that the donut-pizza production has been halted due to a poison water scandal caused by the evil witch Hysterica, his adventure to save Gluttington Kingdom begins.

Sir Eatsalot features beautiful hand-drawn graphics, thirteen different levels, a cartoonish world with funky characters, lots of humor, and varying gameplay making use of the PS Vita hardware features.

13. The Long Reach

North America: 2017 (PSN), Europe: 2017 (PSN)
Genre: Horror Adventure, Publisher: Painted Black Games

The Long Reach PS Vita

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Inspired by games such as Lone Survivor, The Last Door, The Cave and The Silent Age, The Long Reach is an adventure game filled with colorful characters and puzzles featuring a thrilling horror story, flavored with sci-fi ideology, psychological context and a skeptical view on the human psyche.

The Long Reach takes place in New Hampshire, in the fictional town of Baervox. The game draws its inspiration from Lone Survivor and The Cave and all the classical adventures, except that it is set in the present day. You don’t play in a post-apocalyptic world or explore a fairy-filled fantasy world. You’re in the thick of it, just around the corner from the place where you buy your groceries.

12. Iconoclasts

North America: 2017 (PSN), Europe: 2017 (PSN)
Genre: Platformer, Publisher: Bifrost Entertainment

Iconoclasts PS Vita

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Iconoclasts is an action-platformer with a heavy emphasis on puzzling level design. Not only do you beat up enemies, you beat your head against the puzzles, too. You solve your problems by screwing them up with your giant wrench, or simply blowing your way through with your modified stun-gun.

The adventure spans a vast, mysterious world to explore. There are secrets to be found, power-ups to earn, and a host of interesting characters trying to deal with the world in their own ways. Follow the young, naive, and helpful mechanic Robin and her companions as they try to escape the soldiers of the religious authority One Concern.

11. Mary Skelter: Nightmares

North America: September 19th (RetailPSN), Europe: September 22nd (RetailPSN)
Genre: Dungeon Crawler, Publisher: Idea Factory International

Mary Skelter: Nightmares PS Vita

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Escape from the living Jail in Mary Skelter: Nightmares. Powerful nightmares actively stalk the player as you run through the dungeon–fight back with the dungeons’ gimmicks or the Blood Maidens’ abilities.

Using a turn-based battle system, class changes, a blood-licking transform system, and more, you and your party must solve the dungeons’ mysteries and satisfy the prison’s desires. You just might make it out alive.

10. Mecho Tales

North America: 2017 (PSN), Europe: 2017 (PSN)
Genre: Platformer, Publisher: Arcade Distillery

Mecho Tales PS Vita

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Mecho Tales is a 2D action-platformer where you jump and blast your way in two story campaigns. With the help of little drones you shoot down enemies, with a total of 8 different drones to collect. Drones can be switched on the go which makes them useful against the various enemies and boss encounters. Speaking of bosses, the game will feature a total of six boss fights.

09. Yomawari: Midnight Shadows

North America: October 24th (RetailPSN), Europe: October 27th (RetailPSN)
Genre: Horror Adventure, Publisher: NIS America

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows PS Vita

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The follow-up to 2016’s cult horror hit Yomawari: Night Alone, Yomawari: Midnight Shadows introduces two brand-new girls, Yui and Haru, to the night and the spirits who haunt it. Separated by a mysterious attacker, each girl will explore haunting and bizarre locations, face the terrors of the night, and test their courage and wits to survive and reconnect with one another.

08. Rainbow Skies

North America: 2017 (PSN), Europe: 2017 (PSN)
Genre: RPG, Publisher: eastasiasoft

Rainbow Skies PS Vita

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From the makers of Rainbow Moon comes Rainbow Skies, a new fantasy role-playing game. Immerse yourself in a colorful and vibrant world, filled to the brim with friends and foes, murky dungeons, turn-based battles, towns, shops, and everything else your role-playing heart desires.

Tamable monsters, upgradable characters, and a variety of weapons and equipment offer you a wide range of customization and character development possibilities. Tons of optional and endgame content, side and treasure hunt quests, a new main story, and other exciting content will keep you hooked for countless hours.

07. Demon Gaze II

North America: 2017 (Retail, PSN), Europe: 2017 (RetailPSN)
Genre: Dungeon Crawler, Publisher: NIS America

Demon Gaze II PS Vita

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Magnastar has spellbound the people of Asteria into obeying him. As the Revolutionist Party attempts to overthrow him, it is up to you, the Demon Gazer, to wield the power of demons, liberate Asteria’s citizens, and shine the light of revolution.

Demon Gaze II introduces a new “Demon Gazer” with the young protagonist Signa, the orphaned member of a party of revolutionaries in a search for the mother who raised them. Alongside Signa will be Muse, a close friend and the owner of the tavern Stella’s Place, and leader of the revolutionist party.

06. VA-11 Hall-A

North America: 2017 (PSN), Europe: 2017 (PSN)
Genre: Visual Novel, Publisher: Sukeban Games

 VA-11 Hall-A PS Vita

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You are a bartender at VA-11 Hall-A, affectionately nicknamed “Valhalla.” Although it is just a small bar downtown, it attracts the most fascinating people this side of dystopia. Keep your clients lubricated and you will be made privy to the most interesting stories.

VA-11 Hall-A‘s main mechanic consists in preparing drinks using the available ingredients, but rather than just following an order to advance through the story, it’s up to the player to decide what kind of drink to serve. In short, this is about serving the right drink, and you achieve this by paying attention to your client’s rants. Rewards include different events, dialogues and endings.

05. Undertale

North America: August 15th (PSN), Europe: August 15th (PSN)
Genre: RPG, Publisher: Toby Fox

Undertale PS Vita

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Welcome to Undertale – the friendly role-playing game where nobody has to die. Explore the underground depths of the world of monsters and search for a way back home – or stay trapped forever.

Dance with slime. Pet a dog. Whisper your favorite secret to a knight. Or, ignore this choice and rain destruction upon your foes. The choices are yours – but are you determined enough to prevail?

Physical standard and collector’s editions are available exclusively at

04. Chaos;Child

North America: 2017 (RetailPSN), Europe: 2017 (RetailPSN)
Genre: Visual Novel, Publisher: PQube

Chaos;Child PS Vita

BUY AT PLAY-ASIA North America | PLAY-ASIA Europe | AMAZON North America | AMAZON Europe

Chaos;Child is part of the Science Adventure Series, the visual novel series that also spawned the critically acclaimed Steins;Gate. Taking place in Shibuya, Tokyo, several years after an earthquake has nearly destroyed the district, it follows Takuru Miyashiro, a high school student who lost his parents in the earthquake, and his group of friends.

When a series of bizarre murder cases take place in Shibuya, Takuru notices that the dates of the murders match up with a series of murders that happened six years before. Using this knowledge, Takuru and his friends begin to investigate and find themselves embroiled in a dangerous murder mystery…

03. Shakedown Hawaii

North America: 2017 (PSN), Europe: 2017 (PSN)
Genre: Action Game, Publisher: VBlank Entertainment

Shakedown Hawaii PS Vita

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Shakedown Hawaii is a parody of mega corporations, white collar crimes, and the most comically egregious business practices that go alongside. You play an aging CEO, stranded in a world he no longer understands, with a company that’s now a relic of the past.

Through story missions, small jobs and your own acquisitions, you’ll gain ownership of properties and businesses. The revenue they generate can then be funneled back into more acquisitions. New opportunities will emerge as your empire branches out into new market segments. With the disguise, you can begin sabotaging competitors, threatening those who threaten your brands, and collaterally “rezone” land.

With your trusty disguise, you can also begin shaking down shops for protection money, and use that to fund your “legitimate” corporate expansion. These micro missions are scattered all over the island and successfully completing them will provide you with additional streams of income.

02. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

North America: September 26th (RetailPSN), Europe: September 29th (RetailPSN)
Genre: Visual Novel, Publisher: NIS America

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony PS Vita

BUY AT PLAY-ASIA North America | PLAY-ASIA Europe | AMAZON North America | AMAZON Europe

Welcome to a new world of Danganronpa, and prepare yourself for the biggest, most exhilarating episode yet. Set in a “psycho-cool” environment, a new cast of 16 characters find themselves kidnapped and imprisoned in a school. Inside, some will kill, some will die, and some will be punished. Reimagine what you thought high-stakes, fast-paced investigation was as you investigate twisted murder cases and condemn your new friends to death.

01. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

North America: September 12th (RetailPSN), Europe: September 15th (RetailPSN)
Genre: Action RPG, Publisher: NIS America

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana PS Vita

BUY AT PLAY-ASIA North America | PLAY-ASIA Europe | AMAZON North America | AMAZON Europe

Ys returns with a brand new adventure for the first time in 8 years. Adol awakens shipwrecked and stranded on a cursed island. There, he and the other shipwrecked passengers he rescues form a village to challenge fearsome beasts and mysterious ruins on the isolated island. Amidst this, Adol begins to dream of a mysterious blue-haired maiden living in an unknown world. Join Adol as he unravels the riddle of the cursed isle and the blue-haired maiden Dana in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana.

Top 20 Upcoming PS Vita Games Q3/Q4 2017:


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