Children of Morta Might Not Be Coming To PS Vita Anymore (Updated)

It’s not so looking good for the PS Vita version of Children of Morta as recent events suggest that it might not be coming to the PS Vita anymore.

Today, developer Dead Mage has announced that it will be teaming up with 11bitstudios as the publishers of Children of Morta. To accompany the announcement, a new website has been launched but the website now only mentions a release on PS4, XBox One, and PC. Even a new trailer claims that Children of Morta is only coming to these three platforms in 2018.

On Twitter, we finally found some clarification. On August 14, user BADR-KUN™‏ was asking the developer the question “Children of morta for vita still coming? Please answer”. The not so clear answer from Dead Mage was “Haven’t finalized the decision yet”.

While this answer would suggest that the developer is still evaluating the PS Vita release, today’s announcement is more of a sign that the PS Vita version might be getting cancelled in the future. This would be a big blow in the face for all who had backed the Kickstarter campaign of the game in 2015 in hope for a PS Vita release.

Update: 11bitstudios has reached out to Handheld Players saying that they would not be cancelling Dead Mage’s Kickstarter promises. According to the publisher, the main focus would be on the bigger platforms for the release and fans should stay tuned for more info for the time being. If this means that the PS Vita version is still going to happen remained unanswered.

Via: Children of Morta Website, Twitter 01, 02

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4 thoughts on “Children of Morta Might Not Be Coming To PS Vita Anymore (Updated)

  • August 18, 2017 at 15:41

    Hi there, Handheld Players!

    So, let us explain this a little bit. 🙂 We are NOT cancelling Dead Mage’s Kickstater promises. We are not saying that Vita is not going to happen, don’t worry! But as an indie publisher – our strategy is to focus on the biggest platforms for the release – that’s why we decided to mention only the key ones on the website and in the trailer. We know gamers hate to hear that – especially the ones that backed the game already (we love you, thank you for your amazing support!) – but we have to ask you to stay tuned for more info, at least for the time being. We’re working very hard every day to bring you the best gaming experience that we can deliver!

    Thank you,
    11 bit studios

    • August 18, 2017 at 16:09

      Hi 11bitstudios,

      first, thanks for the clarification. You should have communicated this more openly than just leaving the PS Vita version in the dark. Also Dead Mage’s answers on Twitter were not very confident. We will add some extra info in the article but still some doubts remain.

      Handheld Players

    • August 19, 2017 at 20:26

      Hello, I just learned about your game and heard that the Wii U had once been one of the met stretch goals. With the transition to the Nintendo Switch for many games(and the end of the Wii U’s lifespan), are you folks planning to release on the Nintendo Switch instead of Wii U?

      I’d been considering whether to buy this on PC or not despite the fact I’m playing less and less PC games these days, but if something like that was to release on the Switch I’d probably end up purchasing it ASAP, especially with that mix of gameplay that seem it can be enjoyed both solo or in multiplayer, it’d feel like it’d be a perfect fit for something as flexible as the Switch is proving for me so far.

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