Double Dragon IV Coming To Nintendo Switch On September 7, 2017

Arc System Works has announced that Double Dragon IV is coming to Nintendo Switch on September 7, 2017.

Double Dragon IV is the next chapter in the Double Dragon series, made in celebration of the original game’s 30th anniversary.It preserves the original game’s charm and adds many new features, such as new modes and characters.

The wealth of features gives the game a replay value that will keep you coming back for more. Fan favorite characters from the past may also make an appearance.

The Nintendo Switch version supports TV Mode (Versus and co-op mode), Tabletop Mode (Versus and co-op mode) and Handheld Mode (Single Player Mode).

Gameplay Modes

  • The Story Mode featuring the Double Dragon, Billy and Jimmy
    It is a continuation of the story in Double Dragon II: The Revenge, and features all new enemies. Defeat the on-rushing attackers, and try to clear all the stages!.The game can also be played with a friend.
  • 2 Player Duel Mode
    This is a two-player battle mode. Progress in Story Mode to unlock extra characters for use in this mode.
  • Tower Mode
    Defeat enemies to advance as far as you can up the tower. There are no continues! How far up the tower can you make it.

Check out the Double Dragon IV Introduction Trailer:


Via: Gematsu


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