Licky The Lucky Lizard Lives Again Coming To PS Vita In Early September

BezDoesGames has announced that Licky The Lucky Lizard Lives Again is coming to PS Vita in early September. The game launches in Europe on September 1, 2017 and in North America on September 5, 2017 as a digital download title for $2.99/€2.99.

Licky The Lucky Lizard Lives Again is a 2D, arcade-style, endless platformer where you take control of a lizard named Licky who is trapped inside a procedurally-generated volcano and must climb up to escape the rising lava below.

Licky’s long tongue can be used as a unique grappling mechanism to swing to higher platforms, as well as collecting health packs and projectiles. By combining consecutive grapples together, players can build their multiplier and earn points even quicker!

With unique levels each time you play, and up to 6 upgrades to unlock, there’s endless fun to be had competing and (more importantly) beating friends online.

Check out the Licky The Lucky Lizard Lives Screenshots:

Check out the Licky The Lucky Lizard Lives Again Trailer:

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