Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo Announced For PS Vita

Thomas Hopper and TACS Games have announced Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo for PS Vita.

Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo is an action puzzle platformer about smashing skulls and has been designed from the ground up for the PS Vita. It is the sequel to PSM game Super Skull Smash GO! and comes from the developer of PSM classic Out of Mind and PSM game of the year Console Saga.

Return to the haunted town and save the villagers once again from Evil King, the worst king ever. He’s sent his skeleton armies to defile the local countryside and has set a curse upon the townspeople. Help them out by smashing every skull in the country! Purify the land and stop Evil King once and for all. This sequel takes the skull-smashing puzzle platformer in a new direction with TURBO action, TURBO puzzles and TURBO boss battles.


  • Hardcore platforming action.
  • 30 levels across 6 world themes.
  • Giant retro boss battles.
  • Lots of secrets and easter eggs.
  • Authentic chiptune soundtrack.

Check out the Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo Screenshots:

Check out the Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo Trailer:


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