Bullet Girls Phantasia Gets Multi-Language Release For PS Vita & PS4 In Asia

H2 Interactive has announced that D3 Publisher’s  Bullet Girls Phantasia will get a Multi-Language release for PS Vita and PS4 in Asia in Spring 2018.

The content in the English version will be exactly the same as in the Japanese release. Both PS Vita and PS4 versions will be available at the online retailer Play-Asia.com with pre-orders opening soon.

Bullet Girls Phantasia is the latest entry in the Bullet Girls series. It is an action shooting game where you control the girls of the “Ranger Club,” which is a school organization established with the purpose of defence training, and fight enemies one after the next. In this instalment, the setting has changed from a school to a fantasy world, where you will fight against monsters like orcs and slimes that come at you in big numbers. Take on the challenge using modern-day weapons like rifles and shotguns.

In Japan, Bullet Girls Phantasia will be released for PS Vita and PS4 in Spring 2018.

Check out the Bullet Girls Phantasia Teaser Trailer:


Via: Play-Asia.Com

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