Metal Max Xeno Announced For PS Vita & PS4

Kadokawa Games has announced Metal Max Xeno for PS Vita and PS4 in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation. The game was teased last week as the ‘True End of Century RPG’ on the Japanese PlayStation YouTube channel.

Metal Max Xeno is described as a “love story between the protagonist and mankind’s last virgin.” The game is set in a ruined and desertified world where mankind became an endangered species after being dominated by a mysterious mechanical force. The story takes place in the year 209X and unfolds in the metropolis “Death Tokyo.”

The protagonist Thalys is half human and half robot and has the power to take on powerful monsters. The heroine is called Toni whose father was killed but she was saved by Thalys and stayed at his side. The mechanic Yokki spends most his days with alcohol and is equipped with a huge wrench as weapon. The tank is called Crimson Avenger R-Wolf. Enemies in the game are called “SoNs”, monsters that want to destroy all human life. On the field, you launch a preemptive strike at the enemies from your tank.

According to a developer interview, Metal Max Xeno is a return to the roots and a rebirth of the Metal Max series and will be different from the numbered titles. The game will feature bounties and tank customization as well as new elements such as a “Firing Mode” and an “Iron Base” where the protagonist and the company are set up.

The first playthrough is described as a huge tutorial and the second as the real Metal Max experience. Players will be able to listen to the “WANTED” music soundtrack but there are also many new songs as well as a sufficient amount of old songs. Metal Max Xeno is a successor to the cancelled Metal Max: Wild Eyes.

Metal Max Xeno will be released for PS Vita and PS4 in Japan in 2018.

Via: Gematsu

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