Leif’s​ ​Adventure:​ ​Netherworld​ ​Hero Announced For Nintendo Switch

Indie developer OneManOnMars has announced the action-platformer Leif’s​ ​Adventure:​ ​Netherworld​ ​Hero for Nintendo Switch.

An age-old question leads Leif on an adventure to a world beyond mortal comprehension. Join our hero and his magical ally on an epic quest to meet loyal friends, fight hordes of enemies and solve mind-bending puzzles. Will he find his way back to the world of the living?

Leif’s​ ​Adventure:​ ​Netherworld​ ​Hero will feature six unique worlds in beautiful hand-painted graphics, challenging puzzles, and huge boss monsters. The game will have an asymmetric two character system and supports single player and offline co-operative play. It will also support HD rumble.

Leif’s​ ​Adventure:​ ​Netherworld​ ​Hero is scheduled to release on Nintendo Switch in Spring 2018.

Check out the Leif’s​ ​Adventure:​ ​Netherworld​ ​Hero Screenshots:

Check out the Leif’s​ ​Adventure:​ ​Netherworld​ ​Hero Reveal Trailer:


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