First Look At Radio Hammer Station On The PS Vita

Handheld Players takes a first look at Radio Hammer Station on the PS Vita which was released last week for PS Vita and PS4 on the Asian PlayStation Store.

Radio Hammer Station is a rhythm fighting game where you have to slam the incoming enemies by pressing the buttons to the beat of the music. If you miss a villain, your energy bar depletes but if you grab one of the white presents, if refills again.

To unlock all available game modes, you have to complete the Story Mode which features the characters July Ann, Mc Wayne, Simply Lita, DJ Numi, and as a special guest Celia from the 2D fighting game Chaos Code. Each character’s story has 3 episodes with up to 5 stages and always ends with a challenging boss fight.

The game comes with a 88-track Radio Hammer Station digital soundtrack which covers genres such as Pop, Rock, Dance, and more.

At the moment, Radio Hammer Station is only available in Asia but as the game is already available in English it’s likely that a North American and European release will happen soon.

Check out the Radio Hammer Station PS Vita Gameplay:


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